5 month old constantly waking

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Kalinaa Tue 10-Nov-20 05:05:07

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping this is all within the realm of normal but just looking for some shared experiences or advice really! My 5 month old has never slept well, but used to sleep around 3 hours at night before she woke up, she would then wake every hour or so until we got up but I could cope with that.

However since around 14 weeks she will not stay asleep. I always manage to get her to sleep relatively ok, whether that be feeding to sleep (shes EBF) or rocking. However once she is asleep she will not go longer than 45 minutes before waking up. Im sitting here after a night of being woken up every 20 - 45 minutes,. She was in a cot at the side of the bed until around 16 weeks when I couldn't take it anymore and now she is in bed with me most nights which has helped in that i can just feed her back to sleep easier, but like tonight sometimes she will still be awake for an hour or so before I can get her back off. Id heard of the 4 month sleep regression so i'm assuming this is it but 6 weeks later and im struggling!

Husband works for the emergency services and mostly does 12 hour night shifts so its usually me and baby all day and all night and I just feel at a loss at what to do or if I just have to try and ride it out. but the sleep deprivation is really getting to me.

Thank you everyone!

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isitsnowingyet Tue 10-Nov-20 05:29:00

flowers that sounds really hard.
My 3 were not great sleepers for the first year, as all of them had colic.

The thing that finally worked was something kept in the fridge (and expensive) that was administered in drops - can't remember the name of it but worked better than infacol.

Hopefully someone with better advice will be along soon. Hang on in there.

converseandjeans Tue 10-Nov-20 05:33:07

Probably hungry so will get better once you wean. I had to give mine hungry baby milk at bedtime feed by this age - but I bottle fed so that was possible. They were also on baby rice/porridge by that age. I realise you probably want to wait until 6 months. But you will hopefully notice a difference.

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