Please! Someone help - 2yo just sitting in bed from 12:30am

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Italianshark Tue 10-Nov-20 03:56:36

I'm desperate. My issue seems like I'm the only one experiencing this, can't find anything anywhere to help.

My daughter goes to sleep independently and has the right nap time of 1.5 - 2hr naps: however she has started waking up at night at 12:30... wanting to be with me or DH.

However she cries initially as that's what wakes us, and first night we went in reassured after 30 mins of her just sitting there( no crying and walked out, typically she protested. We then didn't go back in because going in made it worse; witching 1-2 mins she stopped crying. Sat there legs through bars of cot for hours... in silence. I had 2 panic attacks didn't sleep a wink - I don't want her sleeping in my bed she never has.

Tonight same thing, this time we didn't go in because she wasn't crying and I fell back asleep. 3am I wake again and she's still sitting up: this can't be ticking jnormql.
It's like she thinks she can sit there forever and we always come in, which we do, in the mornings when her grow clock says it's morning at 6am. We got this to tackle 5am wakings, however, she's took it to a jew extreme where she thinks waking at 12:30 is ok she'll just wait till the clock?

And I'm telling you she is waiting silently not trying to sleep.

I honestly don't know how this happened over night and me and DH are sat here knowing he's got to be up for for work at 5:30, ive got to be up for work at 6 - DD is going to have to go to childminder having been awake since 12:30 absolutely not knowing the answer.

If I got her in bed with me she would go to sleep but how is this the only answer we have? 😭😭

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Matilda1981 Tue 10-Nov-20 04:08:42

I think you need to cut the daytime nap!! My older two dropped theirs when they’d just turned 2! What time does she go to bed?

whoeverthrewthatpaperyamomsaho Tue 10-Nov-20 04:17:25

Yeah don't let her sleep through the day. Let her sit there she'll get tired eventually don't give in too much because she will not learn and will just get worse. Try and Get a good routine going. My niece is 2 aswell Andy sisters had to stop letting her have sleeps throughout the day, she'll get her blanket and dummy and just sit quilts or lay down that's how you know she's tired whenever she picks up her little blanket bless her and whenever she starts dozing off my sister runs her a bath puts her in it puts all her toys in it and she's wide awake again Also bottles of tea sometimes help obviously not a lot just one or two.

IsThisIt123 Tue 10-Nov-20 04:17:50

Agreed with drop the nap.
I’d go and cuddle her back to sleep, then if she’s sleeping you can sleep and not be up worrying/having panic attacks.

whoeverthrewthatpaperyamomsaho Tue 10-Nov-20 04:18:13

*and my sister
Not Andy lol

rottiemum88 Tue 10-Nov-20 04:27:18

PPs are probably right about dropping the daytime nap, so maybe try that first.

Personally, in your shoes I'd prefer to bring her in with me if I knew she'd then go back to sleep, but I say that as the mother of an almost 2 year old who still co sleeps in my bed, so our views of that actually being a negative thing are obviously very different,

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