Nap refusal at 2

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Italianshark Sun 08-Nov-20 14:02:25

Hey my DD is 2 end of November and is starting to play up when sleeping again.

It's COMPLETELY my fault but by accident.

Suddenly, when napping, she would go in her cot as normal but wake after an hour. I'd bring her down but she'd fall asleep again on the sofa. This happened once and I was like ok... then it happened again and again but with some days her staying the full 2 hours so I thought not much of it until I then went to put her down last week in her cot and she said she wanted to sleep on sofa with mummy.


Then over weekend my partner put her down, she stayed there as normal. The Monday came... normal stayed there 2 hours. Next 2 days she was at CM then since then... refusing.

By this I mean she winges as we leave the room... throws her teddy and then just sits there... doesn't move or say anything. It's so bizarre.

She's started doing this in the morning too... when she wakes before her clock says it's morning which is set at 6am, she doesn't say anything she just sits there.

So today we've put her up to bed and left her an hour and half just sitting there but she's of course refused to sleep. I know it she came on the sofa she'd go straight to sleep: it's a battle between what's best for her and what's best for everyone. In the week when it's just us then it's not been an issue but when her older brothers here and we're all home she can't just snooze in the living room 😅!

Help... anyone had this?

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IEat Sun 08-Nov-20 14:33:40

Can she be in her bedroom for quiet play rather than be put down for a nap? She may settle herself. If she has a tantrum she'll over it. Set an amount of time and when that's over then she comes out and the day continues.

FATEdestiny Sun 08-Nov-20 15:47:54

What time is her nap?

I'd be inclined to make the nap an hour later and an hour shorter, even if just temporarily in order to reset routine. So you want her to be tired and really ready for her nap.

For example if her normal day is 6am-7pm with 1-3pm nap, have a 2pm-3pm nap and wake her up at 3pm. Keep bedtime the same. Once she is more consistent in going to sleep at lunchtime and only sleeping in her cot, then gradually move the naptime back to 1pm, keeping 3pm wake up time.

Missingthebridegene Sun 08-Nov-20 18:58:30

We're struggling with sleep now too-DC same age! I'm assuming and hoping it's the two year sleep regression! I'd just put her in her cot at usual nap time and if she doesn't nap just get her up after an hour or whatever, then bring bedtime forward if she's not napped x

Italianshark Mon 09-Nov-20 00:50:59

Yeah so what's started happening now too is when she stirs in the night she's started calling out, it's 12:46am and she's just sat up in her cot. Last night she done the same and fell asleep with her legs still poking out the cot bars 😫

I'm sat here having an argument with myself because she's even started forcing out Poos just to get out of bed it's becoming an actual joke.

So she's not crying or anything (she did initially for 1/2 mins)... just sitting there and I'm like.. what if she's pooed, it's a long time to leave one in there?! But if I go in she will 100% think she's getting out of her and the reaction after will be 100x worse...

We had it so good before and now I'm riddled with anxiety about it all 😖😖

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