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edin16 Sun 08-Nov-20 07:59:30

Did anyone else's baby sleep better in a big cot than they did in the next to me or co-sleeping.

I'm clutching at straws here...confused

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FATEdestiny Sun 08-Nov-20 15:55:22

I did a sidecar cot (one side removed off a full side cot and wedging it next to my bed). Baby had much more room, but allowed for me to cuddle close when needed.

Sweetpea1989 Mon 09-Nov-20 11:29:46

My 5 month has moved to the landing right next to our room so she’s close but not on top of us, I felt every time I rolled over she stirred, it’s loads better! I’m not tempted to pounce on her with every whimper either.

edin16 Mon 09-Nov-20 11:52:52

I think that might be one of our issues (amongst others), he's such a light sleeper that every time I move he wakes up! The cot will only be a couple of feet away but even if it stops just one of the wake ups it world be something!

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plixy Mon 09-Nov-20 11:54:40

My little girl moved to a cot at 6 months but in the same room as us. She slept better because of the extra space, she liked to roll and couldn't in the next to me.

VickyLW Mon 09-Nov-20 16:51:43

We moved our little boy into his own cot in his own room at 5.5 months (room is right next to ours and had a monitor) he slept well- he is quite tall so think he enjoyed the room. Plus like you said I think we were waking each other up as we are both fidgeters!

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