6 month old snoring

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EugenesAxe Sat 07-Nov-20 13:59:49

Glad he's OK and hope hospital wasn't overkill. Babies are so tricky! When DD had bronchiolitis I went down the 'only a cold' route. When I took her in (picked up at weigh in as she was almost 'failing to thrive') the GP said we were near to needing to hospitalise her and I felt awful!

Then around age 9 DS went from 'no chest infection' with OOH doctor on Sunday morning, to double pneumonia on Monday (thank goodness I did still think something wasn't right and took him to GPs) - he was hospitalised for about 10 days. So a change in health can come very quickly; best to be cautious.

Stacie1904 Sat 07-Nov-20 13:32:48

Hospital done ✅, he has a virus infection.

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EugenesAxe Fri 06-Nov-20 23:07:48

I would get him checked again; children's sleep should be noiseless and snoring usually means an obstruction of some kind.

The 'catching his breath' comment about your DS sounds a bit like some kind of apnoea - I'd be a little worried about bronchiolitis? My DD had this and my DS has had sleep problems due to huge tonsils he has to have removed, so I have some experience.

Have a quick check around your DS's lungs - any pulling in of the skin at the base of his ribs or at the base of his neck (the bit under the Adam's apple at the front)? It won't necessarily look really obvious. Put your ear against his lower rib cage at the back and listen for any crackles or pops. Clear lungs should sound like smooth airflow. Any squeaks may mean an infection.

If you're worried call 111 as babies can go downhill quite quickly (don't freak out though). Here is the link to the NHS page about it.

Stacie1904 Fri 06-Nov-20 22:41:52

Hi all,
My 6 month old, he has start a cough 2 weeks ago and I got advise from my doctor and they said that he has created a new sound and there was nothing to worry about.
Being a first time mum you worry about everything right!?? So, this week he work up with hoarseness, he all okay... acting himself, but at the night now, he is tending to snore and as if he’s trying to catch his breath.

Hope you mums can help me confused

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