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derbygirl23 Fri 06-Nov-20 18:57:24

My four month old has discovered how to roll - only from back to front though, and it is becoming an obsession of hers. She will roll as soon as we put her on her playmat, on her changing mat and in her snuzpod when she goes to sleep.

In the daytime as annoying as it is we don’t mind her rolling as we are watching her, even though she often gets frustrated and we end up with a lot of milky sick everywhere. At night though she has a big feed before bed and then rolls over, being sick all over her cot. She will tend to sleep on her front eventually so mop it up as best we can and just let her get on with it. It is a bit gross and we are changing the sheet everyday.

Has anyone else gone through this?! If we stop her rolling in her cot she will scream and then won’t go back to sleep so it’s impossible sad I guess we will have to wait for her to learn to roll back but she has been doing this for almost 3 weeks now with no sign of it... TIA

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LouiseTrees Fri 06-Nov-20 23:49:28

Have you been putting toys on the side she rolled from to encourage her to roll back that way? Also at night maybe putting her into her cot already asleep, although that may mean she rolls to her front in your arms and is sick on you!

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