Contact Naps and Feeding To Sleep

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JNewts Thu 05-Nov-20 11:43:46


I'm reaching out for support from any parents who have experience with their LOs feeding to sleep and having contact naps.
My LO is 7 months old and we still do both.
The only time she's fallen asleep without being 'boobed' to sleep on my lap is when we are travelling in the car.

Any advice or tips from someone who has been through this and come out the other side?

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Keha Fri 06-Nov-20 21:13:06

I don't have any advice but am in a similar boat. Will she sleep in a sling or pram? My LO now has two naps a day, one usually sling/pram/car and one a contact nap. My DH has managed to put her in the cot for her nap though occasionally. To be honest I quite enjoy the nap, I just sit and look at my phone or watch telly quietly. I cosleep with her at night so sometimes we both go and have a nap together! I'm going back to work soon so my DH and her grandparents are going to have to find new ways of napping.

JNewts Sat 07-Nov-20 14:58:20

@Keha Unfortunately not, she doesn't even show any tired signs when in her carrier or pram. It's like shes too worried she's going to miss out on something exciting!

The contact naps are fine for now whilst my partner is home with us, but when he goes back to work I can see me getting trapped for 2 hours underneath her, needing the toilet 😂😂

Feeding to sleep is definitely the hardest part. If she's hungry it's okay. But if she's not, and shes just tired, she gets so frustrated because I think she wants to suck for comfort... not a snack!! Bless her x

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FATEdestiny Sun 08-Nov-20 16:29:24

A good way to progress out from this is to start feeding to sleep lying down, then roll away and leave baby there to sleep.

This stops being held to go to sleep. Stopping feeding to sleep is much more longer term unless you are prepared for a fair load of crying to be involved.

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