2 month old wont sleep for longer than 10 minutes unless its past 10pm

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somedivvy Wed 04-Nov-20 20:26:34

Im a first time parent to a boy aged 8 weeks today the past month has been hellish with covid seeing a dr is hard its just over the phone, i rang up about my baby crying constantly didnt matter what time of the day it was he just wouldnt stop. I could calm him down within 5 mins to start of with but it became harder and harder each time, the GP diagnosed him with colic and that was the end of the call its been so bad the past few days that i rang 111 to see an out of hours dr they suggested a&e so off i went, turns out he is lactose intolerant and he has silent reflux. After being told that i switched his milk and got a prescription for his reflux, tilted his moses basket, given him a dummy, feed him upright and plenty of burping but he still screams and screams im starting to burn out i dont know what else i can possibly do he sleeps great from about half 10/11ish til about 2am then im up for about an hour then he sleeps from about 3 til 6 then it gets to around 8 and he fights going back to sleep. I put him in the basket or the swing after ive fed him and hes sleepy and he probaly lasts about 20 mins before he cries again, i try not to stimulate him while im feeding him or trying to get him to sleep so i look the other way. Does anyone else have these problems? Any advice would be great
Thank you!

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pjani Wed 04-Nov-20 20:32:48

Possibly overtired? Carry him around in a good sling and he will probably (hopefully) sleep well in the warmth from your body and movement. Stops the crying of my 10 week old here. I have an ergobaby and recommend it.

pjani Wed 04-Nov-20 20:34:44

Should have also have said - sympathies! That sounds really tough. It will get better over time, I promise.

girlmummy25 Wed 04-Nov-20 21:33:07

Lactose intolerance is very rare in a baby! More likely to be CMPA. Try and get the Dr to prescribe a cows milk free formula.

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