Positive thread to help the dreaded night feeds!

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Hannah58 Tue 03-Nov-20 19:37:50

Hi all!
I was just wondering if anyone was interested in joining in on a thread filled with fun/light hearted/positive stuff that we can add to and read during the dreaded night feeds?!
My little one is 4 weeks and I'm finding myself dreading the night times due to the 3 hourly feeds. Sometimes I find myself scrolling on my phone whilst I wait for him to settle and I thought it might be nice to have somewhere to chat to people in the same boat!
I was thinking it could be funny pictures/ quotes/ stories/ positive affirmations and a place to ask questions if needed?
I'll start off with a funny picture ☺️

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Verytired2019 Tue 03-Nov-20 20:23:43

Hi Hannah, my baby is 10 weeks old and I know what you mean. Feels a bit like Groundhog Day every night 😫
I’ve developed a terrible internet shopping nighttime problem......!

Hannah58 Tue 03-Nov-20 21:00:40

It's so like Groundhog Day!
How often does your little one feed now?
I spoke to someone today with a 6 week old and apparently they sleep through the night!! shock
I haven't actually done any online shopping during the night yet but that does seem like a good idea (although not for the bank balance! 😂)

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Verytired2019 Wed 04-Nov-20 00:58:40

Yes don’t start the online shopping - it’s baaaaaad!
Baby currently waking around midnight and then 3 or 4 for feeds so only around twice a nice but it’s hard to get him back down. Tonight he’s barely slept in his cot as so refluxy ☹️

That person with the magical 6 week old can do one 😖😂

Hannah58 Wed 04-Nov-20 01:10:11

Haha yes they can definitely do one 😂
Mines the same- hard to settle afterwards! If you could just feed and plonk then back down and that was it, it would be great wouldn't it!

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Rose87777 Wed 04-Nov-20 01:13:16

Joining the night feed chat with an almost 5 month old! God it is brutal waking up sometimes. I read how hard it is depends on where about a you were in your sleep cycle!

Thespottytortoise Wed 04-Nov-20 01:16:45

Joining the chat with my 18m old. One day we'll sleep again!


Thespottytortoise Wed 04-Nov-20 01:17:19

And at least we've got the election to keep us entertained tonight.

Hannah58 Wed 04-Nov-20 03:35:15

@Rose87777 It's so brutal! That does make sense about the sleep cycles. It's the broken sleep that's the worst isn't it, not so much how many hours you've got in total. How many times is your little one waking up?

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LillyLeaf Wed 04-Nov-20 03:47:14

Just fed my 3 month old. He decided he wanted a feed at 12.30 then 3.15, I wonder when I'll be up next. He's thrashing about a bit tonight and not happy being swaddled.

Hannah58 Wed 04-Nov-20 03:47:30

@Thespottytortoise 18months....please tell me it does get easier though...I'm only 4 weeks in 🙈😂
That's true about the election, I might check it out now!

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Hannah58 Wed 04-Nov-20 03:51:09

@LillyLeaf That's pretty much exactly what my little one has done tonight! About 12.30 and 3.15! It's so hard when they won't settle again, I just end up with him on me for ages as he hates going back in his crib. Does yours like being swaddled to sleep normally? We're trying a sleeping bag at the mo-think it's helping a bit!

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LillyLeaf Wed 04-Nov-20 03:59:19

I would say he never loves the swaddle but tolerates it, especially if he goes back to sleep quickly. But some nights he's more aware of it and tries to free his arms, but then that keeps him awake. It definitely helps him sleep better but he won't be in it much longer once he starts to roll. He's slept in a sleeping bag a few times too. I keep checking in on the US election too.

LillyLeaf Wed 04-Nov-20 04:00:55

I think we'll be up again about 5.45

Thespottytortoise Wed 04-Nov-20 05:58:50

Well I'm up again...

In all honestly, some nights it's better than when a newborn. Some it's similar. And whenever there's one, or teething or a sleep regression (so about 50% of the time, lol) it's worse. Tonight is one of those. Work tomorrow is going to drag.

Hannah58 Wed 04-Nov-20 21:29:40

Oh gosh, at least there are some better days though! I hope work didn't drag too much today and that you have a good night tonight with your little one!

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Hannah58 Wed 04-Nov-20 21:30:50

Was your 5.45 prediction correct!? 😅
I can't believe the election is still going!

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LillyLeaf Thu 05-Nov-20 00:59:21

I was spot on with this mornings prediction. Just fed DS now and did a nappy change so he's a bit too awake and started chatting to me, not what I wanted but it's always fun to hear. Can't believe the election is still going on, I'll be checking on it through the night. Hope you're all ok and ready for another night of feeds.

Hannah58 Thu 05-Nov-20 01:40:33

Oh the night time nappy changes are the worst! It's like, do I risk waking them up but then you don't want them to be uncomfortable if they're wet! Just done feed 1 of the night- fingers crossed he'll settle for a while until his next one! Hope your DS settles for you too.

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Needallthesleep Thu 05-Nov-20 15:34:10

Oh yes this is exactly what I need. My DD is 3.5 weeks. Feed/change/settle takes 1 hour, then she sleeps for 2 hours. I get the worst insomnia though and it takes me ages to get back to sleep (doesn’t help that I’m scrolling through my phone!).

I got lazy last night and missed one change, and woke up to a poo explosion this morning. My baby must be the biggest pooer ever!

And yes yes to Groundhog day. All I need to know is that it gets better!!

Thespottytortoise Thu 05-Nov-20 17:06:02


I find that avoiding phone use in the night and not checking the time really help with keeping your body sleepy. It's a balancing excercise though isn't it between staying sleepy enough to go back after, and being able to stay awake.

Night nappy changes don't last forever at least. By a couple of months, with both of mine I found they didn't poo at night, and their nappies lasted long enough, so at least baby can stay sleepier.

It was the first 'good' night we've had in a few weeks last night. Still some night waking, but I got a good chunk of sleep. Even my 3 year old slept properly last night. The stars aligned and it'll never happen again, but it was nice.

Needallthesleep Fri 06-Nov-20 01:17:32

Thanks @Thespottytortoise. It does feel like the nappies are relentless! Must try not to look at my phone but it’s so tempting!

I’m trying to settle my DD in her Moses basket. I’m trying not to rock her to sleep to hopefully avoid problems down the line, but it’s so tempting at 1am!

My DD1 slept through the night (except for one dream feed at 11pm) from 12 weeks, so desperately hoping my DD2 is the same. And I’m counting down the days to 6 weeks when I remember it all getting a bit easier and sleep getting a bit longer.

How is everyone tonight?

Thespottytortoise Fri 06-Nov-20 01:20:34

I've not been to bed yet and 18mo will just not settle again. Once again zombie mode for work tomorrow.

Hannah58 Fri 06-Nov-20 05:18:25

Hi @Needallthesleep!
Got a chunk of sleep at the beginning of the night tonight as the other half did the first 'shift' but I've now been awake since 3.30 and DS won't settle so I think that's me now awake for the day 😩
I find the night nappy changes the worst! I just dread it every time!
How has your night been?

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Hannah58 Fri 06-Nov-20 05:20:32

I'm glad you had a good night on Weds! Hopefully those stars will align again for you!
How's the rest of your night been?

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