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Johnson10 Mon 02-Nov-20 20:43:37

My son is 4m old. We have a routine. He has a bath, little sing song while putting pjs on, bottle then sleep. He falls asleep but then wakes up usually within 30-60 mins screaming. Actually howling like he’s very distressed. It can go on for over an hour trying to calm him down before we manage to get him back off to sleep. Once he’s asleep, he’s pretty good & most of the time sleeps threw the night till 6/7am.
He falls asleep downstairs then we carry him up with us. I have tried putting him down in his crib, but we’re constantly running up & down when he starts screaming.

My hubby works shifts & certain weeks I’m on my own. I’m worn out & can’t even have and evening meal. Any advice would be great!

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Wherethereshope Thu 05-Nov-20 02:40:28

I think just accept he stirs after an hour. Could you stay with him for that hour then intercept early. If you keep him downstairs, there may be too much going on after bring asleep.. or if he falls asleep downstairs and you move him upstairs before he wakes he might be thrown by where he is.

Doesn't sound too bad as after he's settled he sleeps all night. This is brilliant. Just adjust your routine for now to fit in with him - eat your dinner earlier or later.

Sciencebabe Thu 05-Nov-20 03:07:27

4 months old. 12 weeks out of the womb. Being alone is not natural to him. I'm sorry but you're going to have to suffer it a bit longer. This is Parenthood 😬 Work out different times to eat/wash/nap because his needs are purely you at the moment. Don't expect anything different until at least 9 months when his brain start to process that people come and go and that he is in a safe place. It seems to last forever but in reality it will be over very soon. Just hold in there. The first two years are all about his need for you x

Somethingvague Thu 05-Nov-20 03:11:24

Sounds overtired I think?

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