Cotbed mattress

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emma911030 Mon 02-Nov-20 10:54:11

I got my first son a mother care cotbed mattress that's brilliant and does the job well.. however mothercare are obviously closed down now and although boots do sell some mothercare stuff now but not mattresses. I'm looking for another mattress now being 31 weeks pregnant again now. I want a spring mattress again as it seems to be doing well. But there's so many brands I've just never heard of so can't tell how reputable they are! They all seem to be exceptionally expensive or oddly cheap. The ones around the price I paid last time I have never heard of and don't want to go on the fact it's about the same sort of price so maybe it's about right but don't want to write off a cheaper one thinking it's too cheap if it's actually just as good. Anyway any recommendations would be great!

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