14 month old waking up every hour/2 crying uncontrollably

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Mylittlegirl Sun 01-Nov-20 20:22:58

Hey all,

My DD is now 14 months and not sure if we’re going through Sleep regression or teething but I am currently living off a couple hours sleep a day and would love some advise or suggestions?

She’s fine throughout the day and actually very lucky to have a very good baby but through the night for the last 2 weeks has been really tough. She goes down fine around 6:30/7 but wakes every hour/couple hours just screaming standing in her cot wanting to get out. I bring her either into the living room or our bedroom to calm her and get her back to sleep but worried she’s going to get bad habits and become attached and dependant on me getting her back to sleep. Once she’s asleep and I put her back into her cot she either screams straight away and wakes back up or she’s down for an hour or 2 and we go through it all again.

I give her nurofen and calpol (not together) and teething Gels but nothing seems to be working. I can see her back gums are swollen and inflamed so I do think it’s her teeth but I feel it’s more than that also.

She is usually a really good sleeper and goes down for 11/12 hours a night. I have gone through sleep regression at 6 and 9 months but it was nothing like this and didn’t last this long

Has anyone else gone Or going through this?

Thank you! X

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hs0201 Mon 02-Nov-20 13:42:11

When mine was like this they had an ear infection , he screamed all through the night every couple hours sounded in pain no temp or anything else just began to notice tugging on his ear. Could be worth looking out for. Otherwise if it is teeth it should settle down once they come through, it’s soo tough having no sleep! X

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