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Kazzx Sun 01-Nov-20 16:50:01


My baby is 3 months and has outgrown his Moses basket. I would like to get him a cot bed however, I'm not sure which to get. I'm a first time mum and would like a cot bed that can turn into a toddler bed and has storage aswell. My budget is approx £350.00. Can anyone recommend me any. Many thanks in advance. X

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Wherethereshope Thu 05-Nov-20 02:42:26

Doesn't really make much difference, just go with the one you think works best for your needs.

attillathenun Fri 06-Nov-20 15:43:33

We got one from John Lewis and a mattress to go with it, and think we spent about £200 in total. Does the job, DD sleeps well in it!

NameChange30 Fri 06-Nov-20 15:52:55

There's not much difference between them tbh, just get one within budget that you like the look of! Remember to factor in the cost of the storage drawer and mattress.

We have a Boori cot bed, they have a few within your budget:

You could also look at John Lewis, Mamas & Papas, Kiddies Kingdom, Precious Little One, etc.

foodtoorder Fri 06-Nov-20 16:04:08

I second the John Lewis one pp suggested. Three children later and going strong.

NameChange30 Fri 06-Nov-20 16:19:16

I like the look of the "Rachel" cot bed from JL.

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