DS waking 5am every day :(

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charliesnumbers Sun 01-Nov-20 09:12:27

Since the clocks changed Ds is waking 5am every single day doesn't matter what time he goes to bed. Trouble is he's exhausted by 9am so we've resorted back to morning naps when he started just having a long one in afternoon. Also then by 4pm his behaviour is just uncontrollable because he's tired again but obv don't want him to nap then. Sometimes he will have half an hour if I'm out in the car but his routine is so messed up. His back teeth are coming through so that's not helping. I've recently done sleep training which has sort of worked. He sleeps all night in his own bed but is yet to sleep through. Still wakes 2-3 times in the night & we have to go in to settle him back down. Helppp please!

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