Waking during night but not with normal cry

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WideAwakeDad Sun 01-Nov-20 02:44:29

Having real difficulties with 15month DD so need some help!
She had been a brilliant sleeper up until the last couple of months where she is frequently waking in the night. She wakes not with normal crying but with a constant monotone cry along with hand stroking her cot mattress.

This initially coincided with a number of teeth coming through and then a really bad urine infection which needed strong antibiotics so put it down to that but this was over a month ago and still no real improvement. She goes to sleep fine and does sleep through a couple of times a week so finding it difficult trying to resolve as no pattern to it. Am currently on day 2 of sleep training (along lines of Ferber) but not sure if that’s right way to go. Any suggestions?

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