15 month old sleep issues

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ememem84 Thu 29-Oct-20 02:10:09

Dd is 15 months. Up until 4-5 weeks ago she was a great sleeper like ds. She’d make a bit of a fuss going to bed but no more than 10 mins or so. The. We wouldn’t hear from her until 6/630am. All good.

Until around 5 weeks ago. She’s started screaming the house down if we dare to leave her room. She also wakes multiple times in the night and again if we settle her (as I’ve just done) and try and leave she screams. Not something I want at 2am.

Anyone else going through similar?

She apparently naps at nursery without a fuss and is tired when she gets home. I’ve tried slightly later bedtime, we usually do bit of playing when they come home, then nice bath, warm
Milk stories and bed.

She won’t settle over weekends for naps either. So apparently it’s just at nursery when she naps with others in the same room. Separation anxiety maybe?

She is also definetly teething and we can help her there with calpol etc. But it’s the not being able to go back to bed! I’m currently writing this from a camp bed on her floor. Which I don’t want to become a permenant feature.

Any help/advice much appreciated

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