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MrsRose2018 Wed 28-Oct-20 11:46:53

Advice please!

Can you put two cot mattresses on top of each other for added height?

My 17W old baby has just transitioned to being unswaddled and it is now harder than EVER to put him down in his cot!

I’ve got a really bad back and I’m only 5ft 2 and my Mammas and Pappas Franklin cot sides are too high and even though it’s on its highest “setting” I still need to go on to my tiptoes to elevate myself high enough to clear the top of the cot and then I need to bully bow my back forward to put him down!

This was hard enough before but now his arms are all free I have to contort myself into the most ridiculous positions and hold it there until he’s calm and drowsy and I can ease myself up and out the room! Basically this is trashing my back in even further!

I don’t want to use a stool because of risk of losing my balance and then It’s also then an issue of an even bigger distance that I have to lower him down for!

I can’t keep doing this and I can’t afford to buy a new cot so I really need some advice here!!

If two mattresses aren't safe, any other suggestions would be most welcome! I'm already at the osteopath every week 😭

Thanks x

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