3 month old not walking for feed (BF)

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Babyshine2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 09:26:44

My like girl turned 12 weeks over the weekend ever since it's like something has triggered a switch.

For the past 3 nights she hasn't woken for a feed. She has woken, but she just gurgles to herself and goes back to sleep.

Should I be waking her/feeding when she's talking to herself?

She's EBF, has a bottle of expressed with dad in the evenings & is fed to sleep. She's sleeping in her Moses basket downstairs and we come to bed at around 10:30, she's in her next to me for 11 and then isn't getting up until 8am.

Obviously I want to encourage her to know it's ok to be awake in her bed on her own etc but I also want her to be well fed!

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Mischance Wed 28-Oct-20 09:30:24

Heave a sigh of relief and go back to sleep you lucky lady!

She would yell if she was hungry - she is obviously getting enough during the day.

Babyshine2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 09:35:16

@Mischance this isn't a post of me bragging I'm getting sleep! But it is nice wink

I was genuinely concerned that maybe I should be getting her to feed when she wakes up naturally. She lost a lot of weight in her first few weeks and it was drilled in to me to wake her to feed so I guess it's finding the balance!

Downside, she doesn't nap much in the day, much more of a cat-napper.

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Whatsnewpussyhat Wed 28-Oct-20 09:39:21

Should I be waking her/feeding when she's talking to herself?

Hell no! Leave her be and try to sleep yourself.

Whatsnewpussyhat Wed 28-Oct-20 09:40:52

She's not a newborn anymore though, larger stomach capacity so no need to feed as often

SBTLove Wed 28-Oct-20 09:41:18

Stick to old adage of never wake a sleeping baby!!
She obviously is getting enough at her last feed or you’d soon know.
Enjoy the peace 😃

Babyshine2020 Wed 28-Oct-20 10:19:08


I'll keep my boobs away and my fingers crossed before the "4 month regression" hits us like a bus

Thank you ladies xx

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LittleBearPad Wed 28-Oct-20 10:22:24

Enjoy the gurgles and go back to sleep. She’s fine.

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