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Caspianberg Wed 28-Oct-20 06:22:55

From what age is it ‘safe’ or ‘ok’ to start leaving baby sleeping on their front if they continue to roll onto it?

Baby is 6 months. And rolls onto front the second he is put down. He can roll front to back and back to front easily now, has been rolling since about 3.5 months. So is it now ok to leave him in that position? Or do I have to keep spending half the night turning him back over and him screaming?

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Bakeachocolatecaketoday Wed 28-Oct-20 06:28:36

If he can roll its fine to leave him. You definitely don't have to move him if he can move himself.

I would use a sleeping bag type thing with them so they don't get tangled in blankets.

Caspianberg Wed 28-Oct-20 06:46:20

Yes he is in a sleeping bag. He’s almost crawling so can definitely lift face off mattress and turn, but obviously I worry about when he’s asleep if he will do that subconsciously

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hodgepodge21 Wed 28-Oct-20 11:13:34

At 6 months he has the strength and awareness, and as he can confidently roll both ways I wouldn't worry. We had an annoying few weeks where my DS could roll back to front but not the other way, so then I did need to roll him back over - but sounds like your little one will be fine!

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