When nothing soothes baby to sleep...

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mum2bee123 Mon 26-Oct-20 18:46:23

My four month old DD will not settle to sleep without crying. I’ve tried rocking patting shushing swaddling feeding dummy etc. I’ve resorted to just holding her hand in the crib while she cries hysterically for ten-twenty minutes. She sleeps well in the day ( she’s not overtired) we have a good bedtime routine, but once 6.30 hits on the dot it’s tears. I feel like a bad parent not being able to soothe her. I was wondering if anyone else had this experience where their baby essentially cried itself to sleepy albeit with parent next to them to comfort and hold hand and pat tummy. I dont want her to feel like I’m not meeting her needs as I’m not stopping the crying. Any similar experiences welcome. It’s really distressing! Thank you!

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FATEdestiny Mon 26-Oct-20 20:28:08

The need to cluster feed is quite usual in babies. This is sometimes called "The witching hour" although it's usually more than an hour. Usually early evening and it's when baby basically cries unless feeding with intermittent small sizes.

It can go on all night. Just settle yourself on the sofa with baby given free access to feeds whenever crying, and allow to doze in between in your arms.

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