5 months old, poor sleeper. Wind/gut issues or behavioural/sleep regression??

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Restingpotato Mon 26-Oct-20 09:05:52

My LO is 5 months old and we have had a rough time with sleep for the last few months, she was pretty good to start with as had jaundice so was sleepy and would happily sleep in carry cot downstairs and cot upstairs with regular waking for feeds.

For the last few weeks we have had major problems with resettling her after her first night feed - she will fall asleep again but will not be put back into her cot (side sleeper) and will grunt, whine or cry until she is picked up when she is happy and quiet. Last night she slept from 7.45 to 12.30, fed back to sleep then stayed in my arms until 3.30 when I handed her to my husband who held her till 5. Every time we tried to put her down she objected. I think she generally stays asleep but is so noisy that neither of us can sleep and if I leave her she will wake herself up with the noise. She also pulls her legs up and strains a lot so I think she has a lot of wind which accumulates in the night and causes discomfort.

My question is... if it is wind that is causing this do I just have to wait until her gut develops further and she is less windy, or is it possible this is a behavioural thing and she just wants to be held? I have tried cosleeping but the same thing happens. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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FATEdestiny Mon 26-Oct-20 09:14:37

Is she bottle of breastfed?

Have you tried raising the head end of her cot a bit? Put tuna cans under the cot feet, for example.

Restingpotato Mon 26-Oct-20 14:28:49

She is breastfed, sometimes I can rock her back to sleep it doesnt have to be a feed each time.
I've tried the raised head once before, husband wasn't keen as its not a completely flat surface and he likes everything by the book. But the HV has just recommended that as well today so I'll give it another go, thanks!

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FATEdestiny Mon 26-Oct-20 20:35:27

Raiding the head of the cot by putting books under the feet means that the mattress is still flat, as per SIDS recommendations. It's just not level, but is flat.

Your issues could well be due to the 4 month sleep regression rather than wind/gut issues. The key to solving this regression is to help baby go to sleep were she stats asleep (ie in the cot) rather than being put down once asleep or nearly asleep.

Sadieste Tue 27-Oct-20 03:35:45

5 month old who is waking up in the night HYPER and won't go back to sleep. Just wants to play and wriggles around even when I put her next to me in bed. Please help!!!!!!

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