Newborn always sleepy

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SassyPants87 Thu 22-Oct-20 16:19:02

So I have an 11 day old that loves to sleep (during the day only mind you!) I've heard conflicting things. Some say to never wake a sleeping baby others say they shouldn't go more than 3/4 hours without a feed.

What would you do?

She's having wet and dirty nappies and she's put on weight at day 5 and got weighed again today and has put on more weight. Everything indicates she's feeding well (on breast milk)

Should I let her sleep and wake up naturally? I don't want to hinder any growth spurts of development she may be having due to waking her up from sleeps

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Dillybear Thu 22-Oct-20 18:30:04

I remember being told by midwives to wake my baby for feeds, and then being laughed at (not in an unkind way) when I told another midwife that’s what I was doing! I honestly think, now, though, that once DD was gaining weight and all signs were positive, there was absolutely no need to wake her. I think try to go with your instinct. If you think she needs a feed (or if your boobs need her to have a feed!) then wake her, otherwise, I’d just let her be. Congratulations on your baby flowers

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