How do I break this cycle?

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Tickly Wed 21-Oct-20 22:46:20

I think you need to gently get him to learn to go to sleep solo. Have a look at something like Gentle Sleep Solutions - I like this as it's not prescriptive so you can adapt to suit your parenting. Personally I would be doing gentle wandering in and our of the room at bed time, popping away the laundry, getting some water etc etc so he gets used you oh not being there lots and for longer periods. I guess he's too young to just explain big kids don't need parents to fall asleep so this is what you plan to do? But you could try that and make sticker charts? Good luck!

booklover164 Wed 21-Oct-20 19:00:02

We have fallen into an awful routine with our 2 year old.

He will only go to sleep with one of us next to him ( him in the cot and us on the floor next to him) and it often takes him about 90 mins. So 7pm then asleep at 8.30pm.

He then wakes up in the middle of the night and again, will only go back to sleep with one of us there.

I'm due baby 2 any day and we know this isn't sustainable but have no idea how to break the cycle. Feeling really desperate and exhausted from it all.

Any ideas?

He's up between 5-6am and has a nap 12.30-2. He's definitely not ready to drop this ( neither am I).

Thank you.

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