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Mouscadoo Wed 21-Oct-20 09:37:49

So my partner has had the last 5 days of work and during that time I ended up injuring my neck quite badly so he did a lot of looking after baby including putting her down for her naps.

Previously DD 8.5 mo had been going down to sleep by me just lying beside her on the bed and giving her some cuddles. I used to rock her up until maybe 7 months but she no longer wanted it and would Arch her back and lie straight across my arms. So we had stopped rocking for over a month. Anyway, partner couldn't do this so we decided he would rock her off to sleep as she wouldn't go any other way with him and I couldn't do anything as my neck was so bad.

So today partner is back in work and my neck thankfully is much better so its back to me and baby. Her routine is in the middle of changing I think from 3 to 2 naps but I will usually try to put her down between 2 and 3 hours after she first wakes up. So I tried her this morning after 2 hours and she wouldn't go. So then I tried her an hour later, laid down on the bed and she screamed crying. Now I'm very lucky that she doesn't cry at all so this was very unusual. I tried to comfort her but nothing would work so I ended up rocking her after a couple if minutes and she fell straight asleep.

I am wondering if we have gone backwards now with the rocking or was she overtired. Im unsure. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts?

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