Leap 7 - what was your experience during and after

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disneymad85 Mon 19-Oct-20 09:34:43

Hi everyone

My DD is 10.5 months and according to the wonder weeks app is 5 days from the end of leap 7.

This leap has hit us the hardest. Up to 2 weeks ago DD would be put down awake in the cot for naps and bedtime and settle to sleep by herself in 10 mins or so after flinging her comforter around for a bit. This would be the case 99% of the time. She would sleep through from 7pm until 6am with no wakings.

Since we have been in this leap this has gone to pot. She is taking 45 mins to settle to sleep with me shhhh patting. She is also regularly waking for 2 hours at a time at night, wide awake with me shhhh patting for hours at a time until she drops off.

My question is, did anyone else go through this and did your baby go back to self settling / sleeping through the night when the leap ended.

I am back to work in 4 weeks time and not sure how I would cope on such little sleep again and I'm also damaging my back leaning over DDs cot for 3-4 hours per day.

Thanks smile

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Sossi2020 Tue 06-Apr-21 10:03:48

Hello, my baby is exactly the same, please tell me that yours got over this and went back to normal? Thanks

Busylizzie85 Wed 07-Apr-21 09:27:42

Hi! We are also In leap 7 and sleep is just gone crazy 😔 she's never slept through completely but she had got so much better and then this leap happened. She's been waking screaming like she's having nightmares most nights and the only way to comfort her is to feed which in turn affects her day feeds. Last couple of nights she's been waking every 2-3 hours.
Her day naps are hit and miss of how long she sleeps for average is 30mins which I know makes her overtired which again does not help.

disneymad85 Wed 07-Apr-21 14:50:32

Hi @Sossi2020 @Busylizzie85

Hang on in there! Once the leap ended she went back to normal within days.

We didn't hit another funny patch until just now at 16 months where she did a similar thing.

I was so worried about creating bad habits with patting but as soon as she went back to normal she self settled again.

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Sossi2020 Wed 07-Apr-21 15:11:57

@Busylizzie85 @disneymad85 I am afraid to speak too soon but he has already started to get back on track, he can play alone, self settle, will take a bottle, slightly less crying at changing time etc so, I'm hopeful it's happening. Such an awful, trying few weeks. Awful.

disneymad85 Wed 07-Apr-21 17:15:27

@Sossi2020 glad to hear some sort of normality has returned. Leap 7 was the worst one for us.

Hope you are catching up on sleep now

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