DP ruined sleep training !!!

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babyblueee Sun 18-Oct-20 20:21:08

So pissed off with DP. Last night I decided to start sleep training DS. It went really well and I did everything by the book. I did everything myself while DP slept as we were going to take it in turns each night. He just put DS to bed & I told him exactly what to do; bottle & story then put him down, say good night & leave the room, then we wait. He was a while so I went upstairs and he is rearranging DS bedroom while DS is in the cot crying. Then suggested sitting with him until he falls asleep. I am fuming. Feels like I have been speaking to a brick wall & all my hard work last night is ruined. Also don't want him doing it tonight now as he will probably fuck it up & we will have to start again!!!! What is wrong with men seriously may as well just do everything myself and then I know it's done properly!

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Sexnotgender Sun 18-Oct-20 20:23:53

Why was he rearranging the furniture confused

Did you not agree on a course of action?

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