14 month sleep regression - 2:30am wake up help

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Franktank19 Thu 15-Oct-20 07:42:23

My baby has always been a great sleeper and slept through. For the past month he is now waking up at 2:30/3:00 everyday.
I did try to not react and let him cry it out but not only is that horrible to hear, we live in a flat and I am so aware of him waking everyone up also the more he cries the more he wakes himself up. I now give him a bottle and he usually goes back to sleep ( sometimes not and it can take him an hour) but I am finding the broken sleep hard.
Any advice to try? He has his white noise on

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Ohalrightthen Thu 15-Oct-20 07:45:39

Don't leave your baby to cry by themselves in the middle of the night! Fine if he's having a little grumble and sorting himself out to go back to sleep, but CIO is simply not an acceptable thing to do to a baby. Or a toddler, or a child, or an adult!

How does he fall asleep? If he isn't self settling, i would work on that first, as if he needs milk/cuddles/rocking to get to sleep at bedtime, of course he's going to need that in the night.

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