Toddler sleep regression?

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RMarieClaire Tue 13-Oct-20 09:57:50

My girl started sleeping through pretty consistently from about 9/10 months. It's been bliss. But at about 15 months it all went out the window. Now for the past month she wakes nightly, between 2 and 4 usually, and can be up for hours. Last night for 3.5 hours. She isn't always upset, she just can't get back to sleep.

We were putting it down to lots of things - she had tonsillitis, then separation anxiety, teething, leaking nappies - but after a month I've had to accept this is a sleep regression as no one is that unlucky.

Anyone else had this? Will it get better?! I'm 11 weeks pregnant and it's pushing me over the edge!

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