3 year olds sleep is atrocious without dummy

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MoirasRoses Mon 12-Oct-20 23:47:14

I fully acknowledge we gave up the dummy far too late. We had got rid of it shortly before DD1’s baby sister arrived but her sleep became diabolical & then DD2 arrived and we gave back in during the sleep deprived haze one is in with a newborn. Anyway, cue 3 weeks ago & she was very excited to get a present & be a big girl. And she’s easily given it up. She doesn’t ask for it, she falls asleep easily without it but dear god, her night sleep is horrendous. She wakes up every hour of the night crying. No joke. Some of these cries we have to go settle & some, she re-settles herself. But either wary, it wakes me up. I am beyond exhausted. It’s worse than having a newborn. I’m getting no longer than 45 minute stints of sleep. I look & feel ill. People keep commenting ‘oh, you look so tired, baby not sleeping well?’ .. nope, my 6 month old sleeps a solid 12 hours 🤦🏼‍♀️

Please tell me this gets better? I’m really struggling. I wish she just sucked her thumb so there’d be none of this pressure to take a source of comfort away from them 😭 Although I do acknowledge the teeth thing .. She has a special cuddly toy. Doesn’t seem to remotely help in this situation, mostly as I think she’s usually half asleep & not really aware why she’s crying or what’s going on..

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Beautiful3 Tue 13-Oct-20 01:43:42

I did the same thing with my second. Let her have it for too long. It was a nightmare , taking it off her at age 3. I gave in once, biggest mistake of my life. Don't give in, be strong. It will get better.

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