Sleep regression?

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Johnson10 Mon 12-Oct-20 20:13:29

My son is 14 weeks old. He used to be brilliant, even from being born with sleeping & falling asleep. Lately he has stopped napping during the day. Even when he’s so shattered I’m practically fighting with him to nap.
On an evening he’s been a nightmare. Screaming, crying, thrashing. Nothing seems to settle him. His routine hasn’t changed. Bath, pjs on, bottle, little cuddle then in to his swing. He used to fall asleep either in our arms or the swing. He would sleep sound - we give a dream feed & nappy change about 10pm. After this he would usually only wake once in the night about 4ish. Lately he’s been waking about 2/3 times during the night & he's been very restless.
I’ve heard about sleep regression. Is this it ? What can be done to help. The screaming at bedtime has my head battered!

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