5 month old sleep prop weaning

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bucke Sun 11-Oct-20 12:27:05

Hi everyone. My DS has just turned 5 months old. His nighttime sleep is starting to send me a little bit loopy and I'm in need of advice/reassurance that this won't last forever.

From about 1am he wakes every hour to 1.5 hours and cannot get back to sleep without feeding (EBF, won't take a bottle or dummy) or being rocked. I know that these are sleep associations but I must admit my attempts at breaking the associations have been lacklustre as I'm usually just so tired that I do whatever is quickest to get him back down in the wee hours.

Bedtime for our DS is 7pm as by 6:30pm he is rubbing his eyes and clearly ready. We do bathtime at 6:15pm, PJ'S, story and then feed in the rocking chair. If he finishes feeding before falling asleep we rock him. Attempts at putting him down "drowsy but awake" usually result in hysterical crying and then feeding/rocking.
During the day he cat naps unless he's being held by me. His routine is usually:
6am wake and feed. Husband takes him for 2 hours before he leaves for work so I can sleep.
8am nap either in his cot (rocked to sleep by hubby - will sleep 30 mins) or back in the bed with me (fed to sleep - will sleep an hour)
Depending on sleep cues he will have a lunchtime nap around 11ish. I try to feed him downstairs and then take him up to his room which has blackout blinds and white noise played from YouTube through speakers. I'll usually have to rock him to sleep and he'll do 30 mins, wake, then another 30 after being rocked again.
Afternoon nap is usually the same deal in his room, or out in the pushchair which he sleeps well in.
Depending on tiredness he might do another 30 mins about 4:30ish. This will usually be falling asleep during a feed. I often let him just lie on me downstairs for this one to guarantee he gets some extra Z's.

Come bedtime he usually goes down well in his cot after bedtime routine. Sometimes he'll wake a few times initially but we sooth back to sleep with rocking or feeding. We play white noise all night. He'll go about 7pm to 10:30/11pm before waking. I'll feed him and put him back down in his cot and he can go another few hours until 1:30/2am. From then it is impossible to get him back down in his cot for more than 10 minutes. We are both so tired that we always resort to bringing him into our bed, and hubby goes and sleeps in the spare room. From the on I co sleep and feed him every hour to 1.5 hours. Co sleeping definitely helps me to get some extra rest but I don't find it very comfortable and I'm still regularly woken to swap breasts, change position etc...

The tiredness is starting to impact on my mental health and I'm finding myself tearful and foggy during the day when DH is at work.

DH has booked a week off work at the end of the month. DS will be almost 6 months old. We are going to use this week to work on weaning the sleep props as I'll have more support during the day and so can focus on being consistent without worrying too much about being too tired to function the next day.

Sorry for the long post, my question is basically what methods have you guys tried and had success with? Would love to hear some success stories with a plan that we can use! Also any advice on "drowsy but awake" would be much appreciated. There is so much conflicting information online EG some say they should be basically awake, others so drowsy their eyes are closed...???

TIA xxx

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