Needing to fart disturbs her sleep

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thattravelphotographer Sun 11-Oct-20 07:22:21

During the day my 12 week DD will burb easily and fart without battering an eyelid. At night it's a different story - despite trying all three burping positions (shoulder, knee, sitting) for 10-15 minutes or longer, she doesn't burb. Then, during the night she starts grunting and wiggling around in clear discomfort. When I pick her up she will often do an almighty fart which seems to immediately relief her (but often by this point she's awake and then needs resettling). The advice I'm after is:
A) how can I get her to burb at night? B) how can I prevent/ease the farts in the night to avoid her sleep being disturbed?

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thattravelphotographer Sun 11-Oct-20 07:23:11

* I don't know why my autocorrect insists on changing bur-p to bur-b!

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sassa8 Sun 11-Oct-20 07:51:27

Is it after feeding? Try infacol at night?

Crimblecrumble1990 Sun 11-Oct-20 07:53:51

We had this trouble with DS. I used to put him back to bed for 10 mins, I would stay awake then lift him back out and try and burp him again gently. I think him lying flat for a bit helped it come back up. Good luck!

Itchybush Sun 11-Oct-20 07:57:02

Can you lift her knees gently up towards her chest while she's asleep? Never do this without a nappy on though as they can unleash a river of poop straight at you!

thattravelphotographer Sun 11-Oct-20 09:50:06

@sassa8 the need to fart seems to be about two hours after feeding

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sassa8 Sun 11-Oct-20 09:53:42

Yeah my son had this, if you give her the infacol just before feeding. They can burp so much easier afterwards & saves the wind getting trapped and becoming painful. My health visitor recommended it for the same problem.


lljkk Sun 11-Oct-20 10:02:21

Is a reason they can sleep better on front.
This too shall pass... (pun intended)

balloonbasket Sun 11-Oct-20 10:10:57

If breastfeeding make sure stomach is lower than head when feeding, makes air rise to top of stomach and come up in one big burp.

FourPlasticRings Sun 11-Oct-20 10:13:34

Have you tried this position, OP? Our DD didn't burp much at all but we found it great for getting farts out.

thattravelphotographer Sun 11-Oct-20 14:35:39

Thank you all, this is all really helpful.

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Disappointedkoala Sun 11-Oct-20 18:03:15

We used to have to go up and do bicycle legs and wiggle DD's legs round to get the trumps out. Had to do the same when she started weaning too. How glamorous.

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