Baby refuses to sleep at night

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L198989 Sun 11-Oct-20 01:00:07

My baby is 9 weeks old and seems to just refuse to sleep since she had her jabs.
I've been trying to get her to bed for 5 hrs tonight, she is clearly now ridiculously overtired so just won't settle at all.
She initially fell asleep at 8 really well, but woke 30 mind later and just would not go back down. I am trying everything, swaddle, white noise, breastfeeding to sleep, rocking, rocked in pram, nothing seems to be working and she just is wide awake. She has never been very good at going down to bed but since her jabs 5 days ago its 10x worse.

Does an overtired baby eventually go to sleep or will she literally stay up all night?!

Does anyone have any advice how I can break this cycle? I'm desperate and exhausted - thanks!

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peakotter Sun 11-Oct-20 09:44:55

Ugh that sounds tough. All of mine went through similar phases at various points. No real advice except to hang on in there, “it’s just a phase” and all that. If she will just lie happily in the dark and gurgle then let her, keep stimulation low. And find a mindless game to play on your phone to pass the time if you can’t sleep!

You can also try driving round the block if you have a car, and enough brain power to be safe.

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