Weird sleep 8 week old

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Hirewiredays Sun 11-Oct-20 06:40:06

My 13 week is like this. A bath settles her early on in the evening due to wind as she gets rid of it by thrashing her legs around.

Disappointedkoala Sun 11-Oct-20 06:17:22

Sounds completely normal and with a 5hr stretch through the night I'd be counting my blessings! It'll change over the coming months and that bedtime will get earlier.

jessstan1 Sat 10-Oct-20 22:54:34

He likes being in the same room as you. He's only eight weeks old, that is quite normal. You are fortunate he sleeps so long in his cot at night.

HP2020 Sat 10-Oct-20 21:23:38

My baby is 8 weeks and at night he won't settle in his cot before midnight but he will doze off in the bouncer chair in the living room. Then at midnight he goes into the cot and sleeps for 5 hours, has a feed then goes back into cot for another 2/3 hours. So why won't he settle in the cot around 8 or 9pm? Cos he does get tired around then but seems to prefer dozing in his chair in the living room instead. Any thoughts?

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