Co sleeping with toddler and pregnant

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LLLTB Thu 08-Oct-20 09:18:55

Hi I'm just wanting some reassurance really, I have a daughter who is 2 years old and I think I could be pregnant again but I'm want another but my anxiety is getting the better of me and I'm worried how I will cope with two. It's not so much the day time it's the sleeping arrangements. I have co slept with my daughter since very young and she is hard to get to sleep and also still breastfeeds. I don't think transitioning to her own bed would work well for her. So I've looked into co sleeping with two obviously safely. I do have a newborn co sleeper cot. So wether it would be better to co sleep with the two.

Or my husband could co sleep with my daughter and I could co sleep with the Newborn at first. I'm just panicking that I won't cope, I developed bad postpartum anxiety last time because of the lack of sleep think that is all I can think about.

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LayTheTableMabel Mon 12-Oct-20 17:04:43

Hi, we took the side off a cot and used it as a co-sleeper and encouraged my then 18mo to sleep mostly in there, we then moved the cot a little bit away and continued to move it. I am now about to have another baby and 2yo is in his own inter-conected room, he sleeps in his own bed and comes through to our room for a cuddle in the early hours. I also night weaned him during this process as just couldn't cope with night feeding and co-sleeping with 2 little people. But if you can then do whats best for you. What does your husband think? Is he supportive?

Kemosabeimalone Mon 12-Oct-20 21:57:17

Firstly - don’t panic things will work out.
I’ve been in your position and actually it can be quite safe and workable even if both children stay in the bed with you. You just go between them and use a cosleeper on the side with the baby. For safety you don’t move the baby over from side to side to feed when lying down, instead you angle your body over so that baby can get both breasts in turn from the same side iyswim?
Regarding bf you may well find the toddler goes off it naturally as the taste of the milk will change In pregnancy. If this doesn’t happen and you don’t want to bf both of them simultaneously, weaning at this age is actually less stressful than you’d think. Most toddlers, even the most boob obsessed, get it after a night or so and are happy with a cuddle instead. I was really worried about stopping at 2.5 but after a few tantrums my then toddler understood pretty quickly that boobs were off limits and was his happy self again.

LLLTB Tue 13-Oct-20 08:18:17

Thankyou for replying, I think I'm just panicking at this point. Doesn't help my almost 2 year olds behaviour has gone wild. She's normally quite calm and happy but she's been screaming and shouting the last 3 days. So all I can think about is my 2year old being like she currently is and a newborn. But you're messages have made me feel a little better

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