1 year old awake so much???

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mummymariee Tue 06-Oct-20 05:29:09

My LB was a good sleeper at 8 months we was having one wake up a night, now at a year old (after the 10 month regression 😫)he wakes so often at night sometime up to 6 times and then takes 2 times to settle!
Please someone tell me it gets better soon????
I think I'm going to go out of my mind!!!

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happymum24 Tue 06-Oct-20 05:36:01

This is happening to us! She was a brilliant sleeper - 12 hours solid from 12 weeks. Bit last 10 days and it’s anything from 3-7 wake ups. Screaming and won’t settle. Naps gone to pot too! I feel your pain!

FourPlasticRings Tue 06-Oct-20 05:43:22

Everything is a phase with sleep, OP. This, too, shall pass. You know, until the 28 month and 2 year regressions. grin

I co-slept with mine until we'd cleared the 18 month one and the 2 year wasn't that bad- just took her a while to nod off at bedtime for a month or two.

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