Night terrors?

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Hanster85 Mon 05-Oct-20 18:01:48

Hi everyone,

Wondered if anyone has any experience of this. My DD is 22 months & this has happened a few times.

Last night, she went to bed at 7pm (as normal). At 12.30 she started crying, sounding very distressed.

My OH went to get her & put her in my bed (she does sleep through but occasionally she will come in with me if she's unsettled, teething etc).

She was screaming and as soon as she touched the bed, she jumped out and ran out of the door towards the stairs. I picked her up and brought her back into the bedroom and closed the doors, speaking to her softly.

I really wanted to comfort her but she wouldn't let me, slapping my hand out of the way and cowering from me. It was awful. She was crying the whole time until she was wrenching and hyperventilating.

In the end, all I could do was sit and wait for her to come round. We have her a bottle which she took and then she climbed into bed like nothing had happened, cuddling and chattering away to me & stroking my hair.

I was so worried, I was thinking of calling the GP. Her temp etc was normal and she was her happy self this morning. My mum said it sounds like night terrors & just wondered if anyone else can relate to this?

Also, does anyone have any tips in managing this - I feel that we were inadvertently making it worse by taking her out of her crib / trying to comfort her.

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Tinkatayla1 Wed 21-Apr-21 00:59:41

My son has turned six.
He has been going to bed fine and sleeping through.
The last few months on odd occasions he has complained about a pain in his leg\foot (at night). Then nothing for a couple of months.
The last few days he has been into my room and is sobbing as I had left him in bed asleep.
He has now just come in sobbing and will not let go of me and I mean it’s a grab like he will never see me again type of concern.
Then he has become hysterical and saying his leg hurts again.
I’ve offered calpol and he screams at me.
I then ask him in the mornings what happened and he says oh nothing or can’t remember.
Has anyone got any ideas or been through this similar situation.
I wasn’t sure if it’s night terrors or growing

Aquamarine1029 Wed 21-Apr-21 01:01:06

Definitely a night terror and they are very common.

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