Night wake and won't go back to sleep

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wildthingsinthenight Sat 03-Oct-20 23:19:54

Could it be teething pain? Any early wake ups we had at that age were usually teeth.
How about giving calpol when he wakes and seeing if he will settle in his cot?
If he doesn't then it's something else but you never know.
Also don't worry about others saying you are doing the wrong thing bringing him into your bed. Only try and solve that if YOU aren't happy about it.
If you are ok with it then carry on!

Auldcoal03 Sat 03-Oct-20 21:45:15

This week I embarked on sleep training. It went pretty well as my 6 month old little boy is now falling asleep himself. We now have a new issue where he wakes any time between 4am and 5am, won't take a bottle and won't go back to sleep unless it's in our bed. For an easy life we just let him sleep in our bed until its time to get up but I fear we have now created another sleep association. Does anyone have any advice to help? If he would settle himself he would sleep right through because he definitely isn't waking up from hunger. Thanks!! grin

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