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Newmumcw Sat 03-Oct-20 08:13:20

Hi all, new to MN here and motherhood so all suggestions/support most welcome!

My son is 6m and he had been a good sleeper until recently. His naps have been cut short to 45min max (which I settle for if has 3 naps a day). Previously at bedtime he would just roll to his side and suck on his sleeves and fall asleep independently, but in the past week he had simply forgotten how to do that and either rolled onto his front and got upset, or he will just flap his arms around and wailed until he was picked up. It took up to 2 hrs to resettle him as he would wake up as soon as I put him down again. So I reckon I need to do sleep training properly. I tried pat/shush (aggrevates him more) and gentle controlled crying method but found him even more awake when his crying peaks and takes even longer to resettle...I feel like I'm in a hostage situation!

So the question long do you let them cry, and do they actually give up and fall asleep eventually? Please share your experience/advise. Thank you

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