Any tips for surviving 4m sleep regression?

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EGmummy Fri 02-Oct-20 07:38:58

Hey! So the clues in the title really. I'm not even elbow deep yet I don't think and I'm already up from around midnight -1am ish, then its every 20 minutes to an hour until she gets up at 7! I am exhausted even though it's only a quick nip in to recover her back up (she kicks the covers off) if she's not in her sleeping bag and give her the dummy back, then she does the rest (she doesn't need too much help getting to sleep) but it doesn't last long!

Any tips would be very much appreciated. Xx

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MonkeyBeard Fri 02-Oct-20 09:13:53

I retreated back into the dark days of newborn life - going to bed and trying to get some sleep when DS did even if it was 7pm. Ignoring housework unless it was unavoidable. DS was formula fed so conscripting DP into some nights (he could do until 11pm on a work night for example). There was a lot of telling myself that it would pass eventually!

Oh, and ate my own body weight in chocolate although I possibly ought to have prioritised healthy, nourishing foods. I had a lot of biscuits too though, it was a balanced and varied diet!

PaulinePetrovaPosey Fri 02-Oct-20 09:20:22

Cosleeping, coffee, and eventually sleep training.

Bon chance x

pollysproggle Fri 02-Oct-20 09:30:36

My DS is 4 months today and this has been going on for a few weeks now. He used to sleep 9pm- 5am and now up 5-6 times a night.
I had been putting him down in his crib and then when he eventually woke up brought him in bed with me but last night he wouldn't even settle in crib for 5 mins so was in bed with me all night.
I don't really want to co sleep but it's the only thing working at the moment

AriettyHomily Fri 02-Oct-20 13:13:49

Tank up for the next one at 6 months....

letsmaketea Fri 02-Oct-20 13:15:21

Sleep in the spare room leaving LO with your OH until 2am, then swap. That way, you should both get a good 4-5h stretch which is enough to survive on!

EGmummy Fri 02-Oct-20 13:42:12

I know this is the first of many so basically I've to suck it up and get used to it haha! But it's my 1st so never gone through this before but thanks for the tips so far. I'm definitely feeling the super early nights again when she goes to bed herself. That's her longest stretch so least I could probably ger 5/6hrs in before the mayhem commences! Xx

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messy123 Tue 06-Oct-20 13:47:26

I second sleeping in the spare room. I used to do the later shift as am naturally a night owl. Chat with your partner about the best way to make sure you both get some sleep.

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