13 month old stopped sleeping through the night please help!!

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aleks24 Fri 02-Oct-20 04:21:06

Hi, so we managed to get our son into an amazing routine where we bath him in the evening, dress him, put him to bed with a bottle around 7pm and he settles himself to sleep. There has not been any issues with this for the last 2 months since we started this routine.

We also put him in his bed with a bottle for his nap during the day and he would settle himself too. He only has one 2hour nap a day now because it made bedtime easier.

However the last week or so he was been waking up at night and extremely difficult to get back to sleep, up for over 2 hours 🙈
He has also not been able to settle himself the way he normally does before bed and has relies more on myself and/ or my parter cuddling him in our bed and then falling asleep after a while once we put him back in his bed.

We were giving him aptamil stage 1 up until a few days ago as per the nhs guidelines. We waited until we used up all the milk we already had and then found one tin of Aptamil stage 2 and he's had a few bottles of that in the last week before we make the switch to cows milk. Could this be causing the issue?

I've also recently gone back to work and he's been with my mum during the day half of the week for the last 4 weeks but been off all week this week and these sleeping problems are happening. Could this be the cause maybe?

We are out of ideas on what to do to help him sleep? He's not getting enough sleep at this point and neither are we 😭

We have even tried giving him a bottle when he wakes up at night but doesn't help.

I hope someone has some advice.

Thank you

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