Grunting, meeping, noisy baby

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fifiKma Thu 01-Oct-20 18:37:44


So I understand that newborn's can be a bit noisy but my DS is coming up in three weeks old and every time I put him down at night he's a noisy wee beast! He's usually OK most of the day naps sometimes a little noisy. He murmurs, meeps, grunts and its driving me mad. Does anyone have any advice to improve this or any idea when it might stop?

TIA smile

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Dexy2020 Thu 01-Oct-20 19:00:46

Oh gosh my little boy was such a loud grunter at bedtime! There wasn't anything I could do for him that made it go away but it did suddenly just stop when he was 14 weeks old!! ❤️Xx

Harrysmummy246 Thu 01-Oct-20 22:13:32

Same as @Dexy2020

LasagneQueen Thu 01-Oct-20 22:14:57

My daughter was horrific.. she was in her own room at 3 weeks on the advice of the HV because I was so sleep deprived.

edin16 Thu 01-Oct-20 22:19:46

DS was like this. He was then diagnosed with reflux and we put the cot on a small incline and it help a lot. It turns out he was just incredibly uncomfortable and that was what was making him grunt

missanony Thu 01-Oct-20 22:22:03

Earplugs... you’ll hear when they really need you but less of the farm noises in between

BlenheimOrange Thu 01-Oct-20 22:24:57

I used to go and sleep on the sofa for a few hours each night and leave our noisy sleeper with my fast asleep DH. I’d still hear if he woke and cried.

He was quieter by 3-4 months.


harper30 Thu 01-Oct-20 22:26:45

I second the ear plugs, I used to put in one on the ear that wasn't on the pillow and it would muffle the snorting sounds but if DD made a noise louder than a grunt id hear her immediately.
And I didn't feel guilty at all because DP seemed to have in-built bloody ear plugs and he would barely stir at all of her grunting while I was wide awake at every move!

Strokethefurrywall Thu 01-Oct-20 22:39:08

Oh my god we used to call DS2 piggy - the evening of the first day he was born I had to send him out with the midwives because he didn't stop grunting, farting and snoring and I was shattered.

They said he spent the night with a new baby girl afflicted with the same piggy attributes, and apparently they kept each other entertained with baby farts and squeaks.

Which at least gave me 6 hours of sleep...

shreddednips Thu 01-Oct-20 22:43:29

Strokethefurrywall, that story really tickled me 🤣 my DS is also known as Piggy for similar reasons!

I think a lot of babies are very noisy at this stage, it did settle down by about 12 weeks.

eggontoast2 Thu 01-Oct-20 22:46:40

DS is 17 weeks old and even noisier than when he was a newborn as now he thrashes around and leg thumps to try and self-soothe himself back to sleep. He will be going into his own room soon!

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