4 1/2 week old doesn’t sleep during the day. HELP!

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Tcvpbs20 Sun 27-Sep-20 23:27:31

Hi all.

Needing some advice, midwifes and doctors aren’t much help when I bring this up.

So my baby girl is just about 5 weeks old, since about 2 weeks old she stopped sleeping during the day. Is super difficult getting her down for a nap. Almost impossible most days.. She doesn’t cry or anything, just will not sleep 😩 If I do manage to get her to sleep its maybe 10-20mins max then up again for a few hours. (she sleeps well during the night)


She does have silent reflux which is now under control, that got quite bad! She is on omeprazole for her reflux and its working a treat (touch wood)

Also, I recommend Rhuger for any colic & reflux symptoms and more, its amazing. Its a rhubarb & ginger mix, was recommended by my midwife. The link below


Anyone else experienced/experiencing anything like this??

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MrsPatrickDempsey Sun 27-Sep-20 23:35:27

All sounds normal. Baby sleep is unique due to their primitive brain development. Sleep is developmental and a learnt behavior to some extent. Have you read about the 4th trimester? It's an interesting insight and makes you realise why it's impossible to change the behaviour of a newborn.

This link is good too..


PopcornAndWine Sun 27-Sep-20 23:39:59

My little girl was a terrible napper until about 6 months. But she never really seemed to suffer that much from it, never experienced horrendous "overtired" tantrums we're told to expect if they don't get the "right" amount of sleep, whatever that is.

Is she feeding well, etc, seems generally content, I.e. not crying all the time? If so I would try not to worry about it although of course the naps are great to catch up on sleep yourself or get other things done.

Tcvpbs20 Mon 28-Sep-20 00:37:04

She’s completely fine while she’s awake during the day now, at about 2 & 3 weeks, she would just scream in discomfort while awake and not sleep very well during the day due to her silent reflux.

She sleeps good from 10pm to 6am sometimes 8am waking up 2 or 3 times for a feed and straight back to sleep. Touch wood she keeps it that way.

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QuidcoQueen Mon 28-Sep-20 00:40:51

My babies would only sleep in the day if moving in a pram or upright on me. Different to the night.
Really annoying as I couldn't do anything.

Keep trying all different things. They change what works for them so regularly.

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