13mo evening screaming

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JimmyJam2019 Sun 27-Sep-20 20:59:45

We run a 7-7 day and dropped to 1 nap 12.30-2.30 a few weeks back. The transition seemed to be going fine but in the last week or so DD is up and screaming multiple times in the evening.
She goes down at 7 awake (pitch black room, white noise) and maybe sleeps for 40-60mins then wakes screaming. You can't shush or pat her to calm her, she will scream at you until you pick her up.
She will fall asleep instantly on your shoulder and after a few minutes, you use ninja quick moves to put her down and run.
This will happen every 1-2 hours until 11pm-midnight and then she will sleep through until morning.

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