9 month old only naps for 30 minutes

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user456789 Thu 24-Sep-20 08:59:46

This has been going on since he was about 6 months. He now has two naps per day but they only last around 30 minutes. Would really appreciate any advice to make his naps last longer.

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SleepingStandingUp Thu 24-Sep-20 09:03:39

Haha me too!! Mine are the same age, terrible at napping. Occasionally we'll get a longer stretch.
The abiding consensus seems to be discipline at putting them down at a set time, shushing them if they wake etc but that doesn't work so well during lockdown whilst you're homeschooling THEIR brother and now having school run and life.
Thank God they will generally have a nap in the buggy for School run.
Hopefully someone can come along and help us both 😜

user456789 Thu 24-Sep-20 09:24:56

Haha thanks glad I'm not on my own. I wrote this post as soon as he went down for a nap and he is already awake! So it been 20 minutes not 30! shock

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Cherrybakewellll Thu 24-Sep-20 09:26:20

My DD is 9 months and won't nap for more than half hour during the day. That said, she does go to bed at 7 and sleep until 6/7am pretty much most nights so I have to conclude I'm being greedy asking for much during the day.

I would be interested in any ideas others have come up with?

Maizie83 Thu 24-Sep-20 20:14:24

I too had this problem and was a slave to the buggy twice a day to ensure she napped. It was a nice workout but I had stuff to do!

At around 8 - 8.5 months, on a friends recommendation, I put her in a sleepsack, gave her 4oz formula in her room with the lights out for a morning nap (about three hours after waking, following her sleepy cues). She's always very drowsy after the bottle and then suckles on the breast for a few minutes before falling asleep. BF alone did not induce the same sleep, she would wake after 20 minutes or so... but she has had an hour (sometimes 1.5 and rarely two) each morning now for a few weeks. Mixed feeding has its problems, and it's not been plain sailing but this did help induce longer naps in the cot, which has freed me up a tiny bit. She still has an afternoon nap in the buggy. Touch wood, this seems to be working well.

Good luck!

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