Almost 1 and bedtime is becoming a challenge - any ideas?

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LittleLadysMama Wed 23-Sep-20 21:40:19

My little girl is almost 1 and on the whole has always been a great sleeper.
A few hiccups recently with teething, followed by a cold and i 'think' a regression but the bedtime routine is becoming a challenge.

Daytime naps are fine, she has 2 and if we're at home they're in her cot. She goes down awake and after we play with the blanket for a bit, she gets tucked in and generally self settles and drops off. Sometimes a few moans, but she has her dummy and she seems to drift off without much trouble.

Bedtime is usually with dad. She has a bath, pjs, some stories then a bottle. She has always just fallen asleep in his arms and then he puts her down so we've never tried letting her self settle at bedtime.

More recently, after her milk she wants to play. So my husband still holds her and cuddles while she messes around and tires herself out. Then he puts her down and she generally wakes and cries. Hysterical, screaming, back arching cries.
I'd love to tough it out but its hard to hear, and if one of us does go in to sit beside her cot to calm her, she is fine until we move or leave and it all starts again.

Its taking between 1-2 hours to get her down in the evening, so keen to know if anyone has jihad a similar routine and managed to change it around?

All advice welcome!

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Bobble011019 Fri 25-Sep-20 22:51:31

The controlled crying method has been successful for us. We tried many different techniques and wasn't a fan of letting him cry but I must say it is the best gift I ever gave DS as hes learned within 3 days how to fall asleep independently.

It can be hard but with persistence and consistency it can be very affective. Hope this helps!

mynameiscalypso Fri 25-Sep-20 22:58:47

At the same age, we moved bedtime milk forward half an hour and we now have it on the sofa watching In the Night Garden. Sometimes DS will sit quietly or start to fall asleep, sometimes he has lots of energy and is still doing circuits of the living room but it gives us a chance to brush his teeth and then finally tire himself out. DS also began transitioning to one nap just before one and that made a big difference.

Gabbbbbbby Sat 26-Sep-20 09:33:33

Maybe she's ready to drop a nap? That often happens around 12 months, and it could be that she's just not tired enough at bedtime.

Nanalisa60 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:00:55

With my granddaughter they had all the night garden stored on the sky box. So she had tea then half and hour play then bath half hour, then nightgarden with bottle, then upstairs to bed with bedtime story. I think the controlled crying is also the way to go very upsetting but works In The long run!!
I had to do it thirty five years ago for three nights upset my husband so much I had to send him to the pub for three night as he just would have picked my son up!! On the fourth night just fell asleep no problem.

Nanalisa60 Sat 26-Sep-20 10:13:13

Good ideas about the 2 naps, may be push first one back a hour and drop the second one. Also with the nights drawing In It’s also easier to get them In bed earlier.

When mine were really small four and five one whole winter, I would tell them it was 7.30pm at night when it was really 6.30pm so I would put then In bed at 6.30 read for a good twenty minutes then they were asleep by 7pm. They slept for a good 12/13 hours.

Also taught them the one eye open trick if you get up for the loo, only open one eye, then you will go straight back to sleep.

LittleLadysMama Fri 02-Oct-20 21:39:48

Thanks @Bobble011019 I'm really tempted to try the controlled crying with her, everything has been against us for the last 10 days though as I've been unwell and now the little one had her 1 year immunisations and they've really upset her. Temperature, fussy, clingy etc. Will maybe aim for next week if all is well and give it a go 😊 🤞

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LittleLadysMama Fri 02-Oct-20 21:43:22

thanks @mynameiscalypso
We have started giving her milk downstairs with us as she's never sleepy after her bottle anymore in the way she used to be when she was a wee baba.
So were doing milk, teeth and story down here. Then up to her room with just the dim nightlight on. Sometimes another story then into her cot.
She does NOT like to lie down though so currently does about 100 crawling laps of the cot. Ill lie her back down and leave but she crawls and sits up again. Its never ending.
Her sleeping bag doesn't seem to slow her down, and she's not really able to go from sitting to lying down on her own yet 🤷‍♀️
The evenings are so long!

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LittleLadysMama Fri 02-Oct-20 21:44:58

thanks @Gabbbbbbby
I did think that myself but everything I read suggested it was too early 🤷‍♀️
Might give it a shot and drop the afternoon nap if she doesn't seem to tired.

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LittleLadysMama Fri 02-Oct-20 21:47:41

thanks @Nanalisa60
I feel like everyone seems to suggest 3 nights is the magic number and its great after that so fingers crossed 🤞
We've had a rough couple of weeks with illness etc but hopefully next week will be an opportunity. I've read its best to have headphones in or something to block out the crying and just watch the noise meter on the monitor?!
Half my problem now is that she mainly cries if we lie her down, but now just sits herself up and crawls around in the cot (for hours!)

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Nanalisa60 Fri 02-Oct-20 22:00:27

Hopefully you will feel up to trying the controlled crying , I would also keep the room as dark as possible, and also don’t have to main toys in the cot , maybe favourite teddy bear or favourite blanket. Good luck

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