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Rainey910 Wed 23-Sep-20 16:32:38

I’m a FTM to beautiful 10 week DD. She’s EBF and over the last 3/4 weeks or so has slept amazingly at night only waking once to feed and Saturday just gone she slept through. Thought it was too good to be true and the last couple of nights she’s been waking twice (appreciate that’s still pretty good). At night she falls asleep at the end of her feed and after holding her upright for about 20 mins she goes straight back down in her snuz pod. However in the day she will only ever sleep on me for naps. She takes ages to get off to sleep too, and I’m always beating myself for missing her sleep windows - I just can’t seem to hit the right spot for her sleep cues.

Is there anyway I can try and get her sleeping independently in the day? She also has to be rocked and shushed a lot to get off to sleep. I do put her down once she’s asleep but 9/10 she will always wake up, and if she doesn’t settle back down after a minute or so I pick her up to help get her back off. Have tried the whole drowsy but awake thing but I think that’s got to be a fallacy as it never works 🤣

I appreciate she’s still young so perhaps I just need to roll with it - is it true that it’s a developmental thing and she will self settle when she’s good and ready? The only reason why I’m trying this is because she’s a big baby (over 14lbs) and my back is struggling!


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girlmummy25 Thu 24-Sep-20 20:33:52

Not much advice but my Dd went through the same stage of waking as soon as I put her down! In the end id just let her sleep on me but obviously this doesnt help you.
She just grew out of it eventually

luckymagnoliatree Thu 24-Sep-20 20:51:39

Congratulations on your DD! My DS2 was a clingy little man and literally wouldn't sleep anywhere bar on me or next to me, he also had a terrible startle reflex and would wake up whenever he felt himself being lowered down. So I know how you feel. Of course try to enjoy the newborn snuggles for as long as you can... but of course there are times when you just need them to sleep on their own 😅

Things I have found that helped with DS2 were; introducing a Cuski - literally this was a godsend and he finally started sleeping - in his own bed- once he had it (I discovered it when he was 4mths old) they are approved by the nhs and used in nicu units. It is a comforter that you keep close to you for a few days so it picks up your scent and then you give it to your baby. He still loves his cuski now and he is nearly 2!

You can get a "susher" (we discovered this with DS1 when he was about 9mths old), you can turn it on for 15mins or 30mins and it turns itself off. It just goes "shh...shh..shh" on repeat! I put it on still now for DS2 at nap time during the day and when he goes to bed.

If you really struggle with the startle reflex then I can also highly recommend the love to dream swaddle bags, again these were a complete game changer for us!

Hope you find something that works for you 🙂 x

Rainey910 Thu 24-Sep-20 21:11:56

Thank you at @girlmummy25 our of interest how old was she when she grew out of it?

@luckymagnoliatree thank you so much. We have the tommee tippee growbags which are really good and a Ewan but will defs look into the Cuski!

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