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salllii Wed 23-Sep-20 04:20:35

Guys I need some help confusedmy little girl is so used to sleeping in the bed every time she falls asleep and I put her down in her cot she will wake up screaming and crying and then goes to sleep on the bed how do I get back into her cot she's 15months now. This all started when she turned 1 due to her teething late and I'm expecting again so it's not easy having in bed

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Sunainasinha Wed 23-Sep-20 04:53:41

Hyee.. @salllii try this
Start by revamping the bedtime routine. If your baby's dependent on a bottle or breast to sleep, start scheduling the last feeding a good 30 minutes before her usual bedtime or nap. Then, when she's sleepy but not asleep, make your move and place her into her crib. Sure, she'll fuss at first, but give it a chance. If you want to ask doctor:

salllii Wed 23-Sep-20 08:13:27

She doesn't drink anymore my routine is taking her upstairs to bed reading a book she is used to me holding her whilst she falls asleep and then putting her into her cot and that's when it starts she's up 4/5 times a night and more with being back and forth from the cot to the bed

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sara8285 Sun 19-Sep-21 11:53:11

LGBirmingham Sun 19-Sep-21 13:28:06

Have you considered a floor bed? You can cuddle to sleep and then roll away. Works well over here!

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