Is it teething pain? Sos send help!!!

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popgoesperfection Tue 22-Sep-20 05:48:26

Thankyou for your reply. He's really upset on and off. I can't figure out what's upsetting him though.

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Lockdownseperation Tue 22-Sep-20 05:23:32

He maybe generally unwell. Nurofen is better than calpol for teething pain and anbesol liquid is the best topical medication.

Have a cuppa and some biscuits and put on some easy watching TV. I hope it’s a one off.

popgoesperfection Tue 22-Sep-20 04:44:27

Baby is 9 and a half month old. Sleep is up and down, some good nights, some bad nights. We have a solid bedtime routine and he goes down in his cot awake and settled himself to sleep with his dummy and blanket. So last night we do our usual routine, lay him in his bed and he goes to sleep. He woke crying at 12:15, I gave him his dummy as I would usually, normally he would lay back down and nod off, tonight however he cried and cried. I gave him teething gel and calpol and after a hour and half he finally went back to sleep. 1 1/2 hour later he wakes up crying again, this time inconsolable. I gave him teething gel again and made him some milk but he has continued to cry. I've resorted to bringing him downstairs so he doesn't disturb older ds. Could it be teething pain? Sleep regression?

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