Introducing bottle to 3 month old

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babyandI Mon 21-Sep-20 12:06:14


Just after some advice if anyone has any for me grin I have a 3 month old baby who is exclusively breastfeeding. I'm loving breastfeeding and not planning on stopping anytime soon, however I'm very keen to get her to rake a bottle so that I can (very) occasionally have some time to myself blush.

I have tried lots of different brands and she just won't accept any. I have tried when she's hungry; when she's not hungry; when she's tired, when she's not.. I just can't get her to take the bottle! She'll realise it's not my boob and make herself very worked up about it and then it becomes hard to settle her.

Another problem I have is that currently I can only get her to sleep by feeding her which is fine, but as soon as I take her off the boob (she's completely stopped sucking), she wakes up and cries. She won't take a dummy either.

Thanks in advance!

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